Handyfold, the simple and easy letter folder

Three steps to a perfectly folded letter

(picture of Handyfold)

The simple and easy letter folder!

  • Folds standard paper (up to 4 pages at a time)
    to fit standard envelopes

  • Perfect folds every time, in 2 styles:
    Closed, and Z fold (for window envelopes)
(diagram of two possible fold styles: closed, and z-fold)

Quick - Simple - Accurate

By Novel Solutions, the makers of Bookhug

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Video Demonstration

Real Video - 347kb
Windows Media - 1.83mb


  • Simple, easy, quick, convenient
  • Useful in any business, office or home
  • Perfect folds every time
  • Folds up to four pages at a time
  • Will do Z-folds (for window envelopes)
  • Handy for just one letter or hundreds
  • Made of lifetime aluminum
  • Poly UHMW hinge tested to 10,000 folds shows no visible wear
  • No other product like it on the market (Electric folders cost hundreds to thousands)
Patent Pending


(drawing of step 1)


Slip paper into pocket panel

(drawing of step 2)


Fold pocket panel toward exposed paper

(drawing of step 3)


Fold again on any flat surface

(drawing of step z-fold)


For optional Z-fold, flip folder before step 3

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A display stand is included with orders of 10 or more.

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